Online-Seminar “Conducting online meetings effectively and interactively”

Away from monologue, towards dialogue

  • Many teams and organizations are working together more and more remotely – not only because of COVID-19.
  • The rules and dynamics of online sessions are sometimes different than in face-to-face meetings. Working together on topics and interaction is a major challenge.
  • As a moderator of online meetings, you need an extended tool box to manage online moderations effectively and efficiently.
  • In addition to your own online-presence, this includes the goal-oriented control of groups and the useful usage of collaboration tools.
  • In this online seminar, you will learn in two online sessions what you need for a good virtual moderation and how you as a moderator can create the right framework for it.
  • High proportion of exercises in: Live execution of your online moderation with your fellow participants.

In addition to this interactive and varied ZOOM online seminar, you also get exclusive access to the momentum Online Campus. Here you will find further learning videos, curated expert contributions and checklists for your preparation and follow-up, which you can also use after the online seminar for in-depth and integration (blended learning).