Online-Seminar (english) “Present convincing and lively in virtual meetings and presentations”

Develop more virtual presence and persuasiveness

  • The presence of moderators and presenters in video conferences, web conferences and online moderations often suffers.
  • Gestures, facial expressions, but also language no longer have the impact as usual. Convincing and self-confident people suddenly appear pale and less charismatic.
  • In this online seminar you will learn how you can make full use of your presence and persuasiveness in virtual presentations and meetings and how you to convince others even better.
  • We incorporate both verbal and non-verbal factors that are crucial for virtual presentations and meetings.
  • You can expand your virtual presence with many quickly implementable tips, tricks and exercises.
  • The online seminar is aimed at participants who often have to inform, convince and motivate in the context of video conferences and online moderations.

In addition to this interactive and varied ZOOM online seminar, you also get exclusive access to the momentum Online Campus. Here you will find further learning videos, curated expert contributions and checklists for your preparation and follow-up, which you can also use after the online seminar for in-depth and integration (blended learning).